[TI] tablecloth

Paul J. Caito pjcaito at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 19 23:25:19 EEST 2007

They had them in Termini and Cefalu when we were there last year.  I bought 
about 15 of them for family members and gave them at Christmas.  I don't 
think you will find them here in the States.  I'm not sure that you would 
find them anywhere on the internet as they are kind of a souvenir item that 
you would find at local gift shops.  I also bought aprons with maps of 
Sicily and gave them to my sisters.

Paul Caito
Rochester, NY

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> We went to the Italian Festival in Dayton recently, there usually is a man
> there that conducts tours of Italy and he had the neatest cloths which are 
> a
> map of Sicily.  Anybody know a place where I can find more of these?

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