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Ann Catalano anncat1029 at roadrunner.com
Thu Sep 20 05:50:14 EEST 2007

This really sounds like fun.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Quick Question - I will be driving in Saturday morning from Buffalo.  Should
I go to the hotel first or to the church?

Ann Catalano

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Just an update on how things are coming along for the Reunion.  At this 
point we have about 36 people coming to Rochester so I think we will have a 
very nice group.  I am still getting some last minute calls from folks, so 
if you are still thinking of coming, please contact me as soon as possible. 
The cutoff date for room reservations was Sept 7th, but if you still want to

come I will try to see if I can still get you in to the hotel (I don't know 
if I can, but I'll try my hardest) or I will direct you to some hotels that 
are close by that would give you a rate close to our reunion rate.   Don't 
stay away just because we've passed the cutoff date!!

For those that are coming to the Reunion, as a gift for everyone, I have 
arranged some custom designed coffee mugs with a Panoramic view of Termini 
on them and the inscription "Citta di Termini Imerese" (City of Termini 
Imerese).  I also had "refrigerator magnets" made up for everyone with the 
same Termini panoramic view and another magnet with a great shot of the 
Duomo San Nicola di Bari.  The refrigerator magnets really came out great 
and I just received a notice today that the coffee mugs were shipped today 
and should arrive by this Friday in plenty of time for the Reunion.  Lastly,

back at our Salt Lake City reunion, I believe it was Dave Corso who sent 
high resolution scans of some 1904 Termini Postcards to Laura, which Laura 
let me copy.  I will have CD's which include the 1904 high resolution 
postcards plus a set of 12 high resolution postcards that I purchased in 
Termini last year at our 2006 Reunion.  I'm hoping that these will be things

everyone will enjoy taking back with them - not to mention the great 
memories of having a wonderful time at our annual Reunion.

We don't have a "Termini Community" in Rochester, the way Toronto does, so I

can't say how many Termini folks from Rochester may attend the Saturday 
morning get together, but I have distributed flyers at our Italian American 
Community Center and an announcement was and will be made on the local 
Sunday Italian radio program.  One of my cousins is a PR person for one of 
the local colleges and he has put out some publicity releases for us, so we 
will see what happens.  Regardless of who comes from Rochester, we will have

a wonderful time ourselves!

CHARTS!  Every year we have Ancestor Charts all along the walls of the room 
for everyone to examine and we always find matches between our trees, so 
please prepare them this week and send them directly to me at my address:

Paul J. Caito
2085 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, New York   14620
(585) 473-4021

AND WOULD STILL LIKE TO BE WITH US!  Don't stay away because of the "cutoff"

date if you want to be with us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 28th!

My best,

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