[TI] another cousin arrives in iraq

sreif1956 at comcast.net sreif1956 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 22 18:12:58 EEST 2007

Hi all,

I, too, received an e-mail from cousin Ron Muscarella who landed safely in Iraq.  This time he is in a better location....last  time he was in norhern Bagdad, and he described it as a "wild west" show everyday. I received his message on Sept. 15th.

He has included his mailing address if anyone is interested in dropping him a note.  He loves to get mail and says it passes the hours while he is there.

Sharon Reif

Here's his message:

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to say that I made it to my destination. I'm in the western part of Iraq. It all still looks the same as when I was here the first time.
I hope all is well with everyone back home.
Below is my mailing address:
LTJG Ron Muscarella
Echo Company
FPO AA34099-1701
Take care,
Ron Muscarella

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