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I found a connection only to Biaggio Tedesco son of Saverio Tedesco and Natala Granata, which at this point I have not been related to this family.    The connection is by marriage to the Calcagno's in New Orleans.

The Calcagno's in New Orleans are decendants from Salvadore Calcagno died before 1843 and Gaetana Buttone died before 1843.

Salvadore Calcagno and Gaetana Buttone's son Girolamo Calcagno died 1860 in Termini married Francesca Vitale in 1843, she was born in 1820.

Girolamo and Francesca's son  Michele Onofrio Calcagno married 1873 Termini Diega Corso born 1850 Termini.

Michele and Diega's son Girolamo born 1878  Termini married 1900 Termini to Ignazia Maria Concetta Russo born 1880 Termini, she was the daughter of Salvatore Russo and Antonina Russo, no information on them.    Ignazia's sister was Maria Russo she married Giuseppe Tedesco in 1894 in Termini.  Giuseppe Tedesco is the son of Biaggio Tedesco and Provvidenza Russo.    I do not have any other information at this time because I just found the link to him last night.

I must do more work on this.

Larie Tedesco

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