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Paul J. Caito pjcaito at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 30 07:17:56 EEST 2007

Thanks Barb,

We missed you too, but I know you had a busy schedule, so it's just one of 
those things - you can only do so much.  Look forward to next year in 


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> Dear Paul,
> Sorry I missed your reunion - sounds like it was a good one.
> I just noticed that you wanted everyone to send ancestor charts.  Sorry I
> did not see it sooner.  We had a long trip east and both suffered from
> exhaustion when we got home.  I am only now looking at the email messages
> that came while we were gone and found this one about the charts.
> Next year in Cleveland!  My husband has promised to retire by then so that
> we can attend at our leisure...and I intend to return to Termini with the
> group in a few years, also.
> Barbara Jenkins
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>> Ann, since you are arriving on Saturday, I believe check-in time is after
>> 1
>> PM, so it would probably make more sense to go to the Church first.  Do
>> you
>> know how to get there?
>> I would take the Thruway to LeRoy and then take I-490 to downtown
>> Rochester.
>> As you get into downtown Rochester you will pass Frontier Field on the
>> left
>> and then shortly thereafter you will cross over the Genesee River on our
>> new
>> Genesee Bridge (there is still construction just before you get to the
>> bridge and then construction ceases as you cross over the bridge - you
>> can't
>> miss the bridge because it's brand new, all white, and beautiful).  When
>> you
>> are almost over the bridge, take the "South Avenue" exit on your RIGHT 
>> but
>> BEAR TO THE LEFT ON THE EXIT RAMP and you will take the direction that
>> says
>> "Monroe Avenue."  At the end of the ramp (it's a long exit ramp - I
>> believe
>> there is a stop sign at the halfway point, make the stop and then 
>> continue
>> straight ahead), make a LEFT at the stoplight onto Monroe Avenue.  Monroe
>> Avenue bears to the right as you proceed.  At the second stoplight, make 
>> a
>> LEFT onto Woodbury Blvd and at the second stoplight you will see St.
>> Mary's
>> Church on the right and a parking lot on your left (it's a "pay" parking
>> lot, but it's free for Church activities such as our Termini meeting -
>> just
>> tell them you are going to St. Mary's if there is someone at the 
>> attendant
>> booth, but probably no one will be there).  Park in the parking lot and
>> walk
>> over to the Church.  The entrance to the DUGAN CENTER is on the right 
>> side
>> of the Church (as you face the Church from the street).  Walk through the
>> gates on the right of the Church which takes you to a small park and you
>> will see the stairs to your left leading down to the entrance to the 
>> Dugan
>> Center (which is the Church basement - a very nice Church basement, at
>> that!).  Walk through the doors and then be transported to Termini via 
>> our
>> group!
>> Paul
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>>> This really sounds like fun.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.
>>> Quick Question - I will be driving in Saturday morning from Buffalo.
>>> Should
>>> I go to the hotel first or to the church?
>>> Ann Catalano
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>>> Just an update on how things are coming along for the Reunion.  At this
>>> point we have about 36 people coming to Rochester so I think we will 
>>> have
>>> a
>>> very nice group.  I am still getting some last minute calls from folks,
>>> so
>>> if you are still thinking of coming, please contact me as soon as
>>> possible.
>>> The cutoff date for room reservations was Sept 7th, but if you still 
>>> want
>>> to
>>> come I will try to see if I can still get you in to the hotel (I don't
>>> know
>>> if I can, but I'll try my hardest) or I will direct you to some hotels
>>> that
>>> are close by that would give you a rate close to our reunion rate.
>>> Don't
>>> stay away just because we've passed the cutoff date!!
>>> For those that are coming to the Reunion, as a gift for everyone, I have
>>> arranged some custom designed coffee mugs with a Panoramic view of
>>> Termini
>>> on them and the inscription "Citta di Termini Imerese" (City of Termini
>>> Imerese).  I also had "refrigerator magnets" made up for everyone with
>>> the
>>> same Termini panoramic view and another magnet with a great shot of the
>>> Duomo San Nicola di Bari.  The refrigerator magnets really came out 
>>> great
>>> and I just received a notice today that the coffee mugs were shipped
>>> today
>>> and should arrive by this Friday in plenty of time for the Reunion.
>>> Lastly,
>>> back at our Salt Lake City reunion, I believe it was Dave Corso who sent
>>> high resolution scans of some 1904 Termini Postcards to Laura, which
>>> Laura
>>> let me copy.  I will have CD's which include the 1904 high resolution
>>> postcards plus a set of 12 high resolution postcards that I purchased in
>>> Termini last year at our 2006 Reunion.  I'm hoping that these will be
>>> things
>>> everyone will enjoy taking back with them - not to mention the great
>>> memories of having a wonderful time at our annual Reunion.
>>> We don't have a "Termini Community" in Rochester, the way Toronto does,
>>> so
>>> I
>>> can't say how many Termini folks from Rochester may attend the Saturday
>>> morning get together, but I have distributed flyers at our Italian
>>> American
>>> Community Center and an announcement was and will be made on the local
>>> Sunday Italian radio program.  One of my cousins is a PR person for one
>>> of
>>> the local colleges and he has put out some publicity releases for us, so
>>> we
>>> will see what happens.  Regardless of who comes from Rochester, we will
>>> have
>>> a wonderful time ourselves!
>>> CHARTS!  Every year we have Ancestor Charts all along the walls of the
>>> room
>>> for everyone to examine and we always find matches between our trees, so
>>> please prepare them this week and send them directly to me at my 
>>> address:
>>> Paul J. Caito
>>> 2085 Elmwood Avenue
>>> Rochester, New York   14620
>>> (585) 473-4021
>>> ALL
>>> AND WOULD STILL LIKE TO BE WITH US!  Don't stay away because of the
>>> "cutoff"
>>> date if you want to be with us!
>>> Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 28th!
>>> My best,
>>> Paul
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