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Sept. 30, 2007

Dear Paul,

Thank you for sending that wonderful and descriptive journal about the Termini cousins/reunion.  I felt like I was there right with all of you.  The sun was definitely shining on all of us who share this glorious heritage.  I look forward to the reunion next year in Cleveland which is near enough to Columbus that I and  my son Michael will be there with bells on.

Rita Bova

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It is almost 11:30 PM and we have all had a great day going over our 
ancestor trees, comparing lap-top information, trading pictures and 
discovering as much as we can in as short a time as possible!

We all started out with a glorious sunny morning and many folks went out to 
breakfast a little restaurant down the street from the hotel that Lynn 
Venafro found in her travels.  Then over to the Church and everyone was 
there promptly at 9 AM!  We had tables set up all along the church hall and 
ancestor trees taped up on all the walls and every available space we could 
find.  We had some beautifully printed trees and everyone enjoyed checking 
out everyone else's ancestors!  Laura had photo's of our trip to Termini 
projected on the wall from her computer which was a trip down memory lane 
for those of us who were there.  We had many laptop computers which really 
helped in comparing all the details of our trees.  We must have had seven or 
more laptops at this reunion - more that I can every recall in the past 
where all we had were printed books and trees.  Technology keeps moving us 

We had coffee, donuts, Italian cookies, fruit and assorted drinks to keep up 
properly nourished thru the morning and then had a box lunch delivered 
around 12:45.  With such beautiful weather outside, most folks enjoyed their 
lunch in the warm sunshine in the park which is adjacent to the Church.  The 
sun was definitely shining on our group today!

Lucia Rini Sarraino Flevares (my third cousin, mind you) discovered some new 
information about some of her Lamontia and Gaeta ancestors that she didn't 
know about and that were in my FTM files - and even I didn't know they were 
related to her.  I was fortunate enough to spend time with Frank and Ellen 
Palmisano (my second cousin - discovered in Termini last year) going over 
our Longo family trees and we found that my grandparents had pictures of him 
and his brother when he was just five years old!  These pictures of him have 
been in our family since the 1950's and we never knew who these little 
children were - it was Frank all along (yes, he was a cute kid!).  He was 
also able to identify another picture that my family had that turned out to 
be his great-grandmother (his gt-grandmother and my gt-grandmother were 
sisters) in her younger years.  We always suspected it was my 
gt-grandmother's sister but we never knew for sure and never knew her name 
until last year with the help of Frank.  What a great day we had.

We had John and Mary Badali, and their daughter and son-in-law, Marie and 
Sabby Ruscica, Laura and Ray, Betty Budry, Rose Campisi, Ann Catalano and 
her sister, Mary Jo Stitak, Leonard and Sam Coppola, Lucia Flevares and her 
daughter Kris Flevares and her son George Flevares and his girlfriend Kaeti, 
Madeline Gill, Nick and Roseanne Mascari (my fourth cousins!), Chris Meath 
(sister of our List member Rita Hall), Gus and Mary Quattrocchi, Lynn 
Venafro, Fred and Kathie Zeller, Joe Laiacona, and Jim and Judy McCarthy. 
Check out our group picture on the Termini website later this week when 
Laura posts our photo's.

Then my cousin, Nick Mascari, from Brockport, New York came and showed many 
of us a huge (about 13 x 19) picture of the Termini Imerese Society of 
Buffalo, New York taken at a special dinner in 1939 at the Hotel Statler 
Hilton in Buffalo!  The Termini Imerese Society was a very active society in 
Buffalo in the 1920's and 1930's and there must have been over 200 people in 
this photo!.  My gt-grandfather belonged to this group and I looked in vain 
to find him in the photo, but no luck.  I will examine the photo in more 
detail as Nick has let me borrow it.  I was able to show many folks the 
Buffalo Termini Imerese Society Lapel Pin that belonged to my gt-grandfather 
and I wore the pin to the dinner we had tonight.

We finished up tonight with a very nice dinner at the Hyatt Hotel and the 
time just flew by.  My only comment is that dinner service could have been a 
little swifter, but I think everyone enjoyed their meal and we all contined 
to have a good time talking about family.  We finished up with some great 
group shots which Laura will post this week (if she has any energy left).

Well, this is the day from my perspective, spending time with everyone and 
meeting up with many of my relatives.  Hopefully others will post their 
thoughts and perspectives this week.

Many thanks for everyone who came to visit Rochester and share their time 
and stories.  We missed a lot of folks who couldn't come this year, but we 
were thinking of you and look forward to seeing everyone next year in 

Take care and goodnight (now for a good nights sleep!)


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