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I am looking forward to next year too.  I can possibly make that one.
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> Sept. 30, 2007
> Dear Paul,
> Thank you for sending that wonderful and descriptive journal about the 
> Termini cousins/reunion.  I felt like I was there right with all of you. 
> The sun was definitely shining on all of us who share this glorious 
> heritage.  I look forward to the reunion next year in Cleveland which is 
> near enough to Columbus that I and  my son Michael will be there with 
> bells on.
> Salud,
> Rita Bova
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>>>> "Paul J. Caito" <pjcaito at frontiernet.net> 09/30/07 12:14 AM >>>
> Whew!!!!!!
> It is almost 11:30 PM and we have all had a great day going over our
> ancestor trees, comparing lap-top information, trading pictures and
> discovering as much as we can in as short a time as possible!
> We all started out with a glorious sunny morning and many folks went out 
> to
> breakfast a little restaurant down the street from the hotel that Lynn
> Venafro found in her travels.  Then over to the Church and everyone was
> there promptly at 9 AM!  We had tables set up all along the church hall 
> and
> ancestor trees taped up on all the walls and every available space we 
> could
> find.  We had some beautifully printed trees and everyone enjoyed checking
> out everyone else's ancestors!  Laura had photo's of our trip to Termini
> projected on the wall from her computer which was a trip down memory lane
> for those of us who were there.  We had many laptop computers which really
> helped in comparing all the details of our trees.  We must have had seven 
> or
> more laptops at this reunion - more that I can every recall in the past
> where all we had were printed books and trees.  Technology keeps moving us
> forward!
> We had coffee, donuts, Italian cookies, fruit and assorted drinks to keep 
> up
> properly nourished thru the morning and then had a box lunch delivered
> around 12:45.  With such beautiful weather outside, most folks enjoyed 
> their
> lunch in the warm sunshine in the park which is adjacent to the Church. 
> The
> sun was definitely shining on our group today!
> Lucia Rini Sarraino Flevares (my third cousin, mind you) discovered some 
> new
> information about some of her Lamontia and Gaeta ancestors that she didn't
> know about and that were in my FTM files - and even I didn't know they 
> were
> related to her.  I was fortunate enough to spend time with Frank and Ellen
> Palmisano (my second cousin - discovered in Termini last year) going over
> our Longo family trees and we found that my grandparents had pictures of 
> him
> and his brother when he was just five years old!  These pictures of him 
> have
> been in our family since the 1950's and we never knew who these little
> children were - it was Frank all along (yes, he was a cute kid!).  He was
> also able to identify another picture that my family had that turned out 
> to
> be his great-grandmother (his gt-grandmother and my gt-grandmother were
> sisters) in her younger years.  We always suspected it was my
> gt-grandmother's sister but we never knew for sure and never knew her name
> until last year with the help of Frank.  What a great day we had.
> We had John and Mary Badali, and their daughter and son-in-law, Marie and
> Sabby Ruscica, Laura and Ray, Betty Budry, Rose Campisi, Ann Catalano and
> her sister, Mary Jo Stitak, Leonard and Sam Coppola, Lucia Flevares and 
> her
> daughter Kris Flevares and her son George Flevares and his girlfriend 
> Kaeti,
> Madeline Gill, Nick and Roseanne Mascari (my fourth cousins!), Chris Meath
> (sister of our List member Rita Hall), Gus and Mary Quattrocchi, Lynn
> Venafro, Fred and Kathie Zeller, Joe Laiacona, and Jim and Judy McCarthy.
> Check out our group picture on the Termini website later this week when
> Laura posts our photo's.
> Then my cousin, Nick Mascari, from Brockport, New York came and showed 
> many
> of us a huge (about 13 x 19) picture of the Termini Imerese Society of
> Buffalo, New York taken at a special dinner in 1939 at the Hotel Statler
> Hilton in Buffalo!  The Termini Imerese Society was a very active society 
> in
> Buffalo in the 1920's and 1930's and there must have been over 200 people 
> in
> this photo!.  My gt-grandfather belonged to this group and I looked in 
> vain
> to find him in the photo, but no luck.  I will examine the photo in more
> detail as Nick has let me borrow it.  I was able to show many folks the
> Buffalo Termini Imerese Society Lapel Pin that belonged to my 
> gt-grandfather
> and I wore the pin to the dinner we had tonight.
> We finished up tonight with a very nice dinner at the Hyatt Hotel and the
> time just flew by.  My only comment is that dinner service could have been 
> a
> little swifter, but I think everyone enjoyed their meal and we all 
> contined
> to have a good time talking about family.  We finished up with some great
> group shots which Laura will post this week (if she has any energy left).
> Well, this is the day from my perspective, spending time with everyone and
> meeting up with many of my relatives.  Hopefully others will post their
> thoughts and perspectives this week.
> Many thanks for everyone who came to visit Rochester and share their time
> and stories.  We missed a lot of folks who couldn't come this year, but we
> were thinking of you and look forward to seeing everyone next year in
> Take care and goodnight (now for a good nights sleep!)
> Paul
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