[TI] To The 300 Members of TI.org

Sheryl Hartnett grammylady3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 12:44:38 CST 2008

Hello Out There in TI Land, 

I hope everyone made it thru the holidays without
 too much stress.  The postings has been very little
 for a long while now.  Is everyone hybernating for
the winter?     LOL

 Most of 2007, it seemed to me, that the same 15
 or 20 people were doing all the posting and sharing
of their family's information for which we are
grateful for their time and effort,  looking up info
for other people in their towns that would have been
almost impossible for them to get themselves.  THAT is
what this Termini Imerese website is all about.  

I started here, 2 years ago, with just my
grandparents' names and birthdates.  Because of the
people here, their hard work, and their sharing of
their families information, I have pages and pages of
my families info and pictures, too.!  And I have
located and met at least 8 cousins I didn't even know
I had because of this website. To me, that is worth a
great deal more than a pittance of a yearly $50

I know there are some of the other QUIET members that
have posted to the Certificate and Personal Databases
and for that we all thank you.  But it would be REALLY
 GREAT to hear  from a bunch more of you in email
posts, at least once a week. 

 If you check your TI emails, you see all the 
different names posters are searching for.  If you
should run across those names passed down family info
or pictures, at your local FHC, library and
cemeteries, (and I'm sure you do), make a note of
 the info and share it thru an email.  :D  We'd all
 appreciate it.  Wouldn't we folks????

I live in the St. Louis area and am searching my two
Bova family lines.  If you have Bova's in your family,
wherever you live,  I would really like to hear from
you.  Or if you should run across the Bova name, while
searching your own family, please pass the Bova info
to me. 

If you had family in St. Louis and I can help any of
you, just let me know the names and I'll try to check
up on them. Most of the active poster are in
Pennsylvania, Chicago, & NY that I know of. Where's
everyone else of the almost 300 member???

Let's get our genealogy searches back on track for
 2008, OKAY???  Everyone needs to be active.  Anyone
can find 5 or 10 minutes a week to post.  CAN'T YOU??


 Sheryl Hartnett :)
 Edwardsville, IL  

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