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I have German documents from the 1400s on for the other side of my family. 
I have given the papers to several people - no one can read them.  I have 
been told that the writing is an old form, poor script, and uneducated.  A 
95 year old native of Germany could not read them.  Luckily, my maiden name 
had easily recognizable letters so I could find the pages where my family is 
The letter below made me wonder if anyone in this group has a suggestion as 
to how I can find someone to read these papers.
Barbara Jenkins

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>I always have trouble reading the handwriting of 1850 Sicily on documents.
> I work in a Middle School and I recently wrote a thank note to one of the
> students for a Christmas gift.  He is an 8th grade Honor Student.
> He told me he has a very hard time reading cursive,.  They learn it in 5th
> grade.  From then on they print any written notes and type the rest.
> So cursive is secret code only those over a certain age can read.
> In the future genealogists will find most documents typed, but reading 
> those
> hand written notes or  notations on the backs of pictures will be a
> challenge.
> Prudie
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