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Mon Jan 28 10:28:26 CST 2008

I don't get on the internet as often enough with my
current job but I just wanted to tell the list what a
wonderful pleasure it was to finally meet my cousin,
Ann Riggio, in person last weekend.  As many of you
may already know, our great-great grandmothers were
sisters (Antonina Navarra and Rosalia Navarra).

It was Saturday around noon and I was about an hour
away from Pittsburgh. I decided to call Ann even
though I realized that a meeting would be unlikely on
such short notice. To my pleasant surprise, Ann didn't
blink at all, dropping everything to drive out to I-79
to meet me in Butler County, Pennsylvania. 

We left my big rig parked on the side of Rte 19 (where
I put up a safety triangle marker behind it,
pretending I was "out of gas") and Ann picked me up to
take me to a wonderful restaurant called King's. 

And as Ann mentioned, she brought along her delightful
friend, Mrs. Lena Cammarata, who I was absolutely
stunned to learn was 95 years old (she had the vigor
of a woman half her age!!). We spoke a bit in Italian
and I made a new friend in her for sure!

My cousin, Ann, was just wonderful. I felt so warmly
welcomed and she definitely reminded me of other
members of my father's family. We all had a terrific
hot meal at King's which really hit the spot on such a
freezing afternoon. We sat and talked and looked at
pictures and talked about the Sicilian community in
Pittsburgh. Afterwards, I passed out some Sicilian
cookies that I had brought from New Jersey, including
some almond biscotti and some giugiulena (sesame

Finally, it was time to say goodbye and she drove me
back to my truck. I didn't get a chance to give her a
goodbye hug as there was traffic behind us but I
certainly was so happy to have spent the afternoon
with her and Lena. What a wonderful afternoon and I am
very happy to know that I am related to such a nice
person! I hope she can make it to the next reunion. 

Now I am tempted to ask for some Pittsburgh jobs in
the very near future! 

I miss everyone on the list!

Ken Geraci
--- anniegoe <anniegoe at access995.com> wrote:

> Today is Saturday afternoon.  Ken was coming thru
> Pennsylvania and I met him 
> on
> RT 79 in Butler County.  It was a very enjoyable
> afternoon.  I brought my 95 
> year old
> Sicilian decent friend with me. She speaks fluent
> Sicilian.  Those two had a 
> great time.
> She is Lena Cammarata who helped me with my recipes
> for our Cook Book. She 
> also wrote a nice Cook Book that was published.
> Ken's a very nice young man.  I wish him good luck.
> Ann
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