[TI] What Newspaper Archive can do....

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Someone posted this url and you would never know how grateful I am for it. 
I am finding all kinds of family death certificates.  And one is of an uncle 
that died in Cleveland State Hospital.  Died at the age of 26 and 
certificate states he had the condition for 5 plus years.  Now that's sad.
Rosalie Amison

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>I enjoyed reading about your family.  I know my cousins used to talk their
> crazy Uncle Louie, who was my grandmother's brother.  I don't know what he
> did but he died at the Lima State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in
> Lima, Ohio. (Jan. 14, 1937).
> Whenever I would ask my cousins about him they would say "We don't talk
> about him!".  I even went so far as to contact the archives in Ohio 
> because
> the hospital is long closed.  They said that all records after a certain
> amount of time are destroyed.  Maybe I could find something in these
> archives . . . what do you think??
> Apparently he was a little odd and my mom seems to remember that when he
> would visit, he slept in the garage. . .
> It certainly is interesting to find out the "dirt"!  I found out that my
> great-great grandfather (Conrad Lue) on my mother's side got kicked out of
> the Union Army about two weeks after fighting in the Battle at Gettysburg
> because he gave alcohol to the privates serving under him.  Of course, he
> was drunk and refused to be confined to his tent.  He was charged with
> "conduct unbecoming of an Officer".  I said if I'd fought at Andersonville
> and Gettysburg, I'd get drunk too!
> Ann Catalano
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> So, here I am talking with my distant cousin from California, swapping
> stories about the "family"....I mentioned that the St. Louis church record
> said Uncle Joe and his wife Blanche were married in the hospital in March 
> of
> 1924....the notation said that the "spositi in danger of death".  I pulled
> up an article about uncle Joe who had outfitted his gas station with
> bullet-proof armor for fear of being assassinated, but he forgot to put on
> his own armor one day  in 1924 and was shot.  The light bulb in our heads
> turned on and we figure uncle Joe was shot and while in the hospital his
> lovely Blanche decided to marry him there....calling on the Italiian 
> priest
> to rush to the hospital to perform the nuptials.  Dear cousin was not born
> until 1928, and she remembers Uncle Joe being shot while she was a little
> tyke and her mother having to help take care of Uncle Joe at that
> time....which means Joe got shot two times.  Then in 1931, the drive-by
> machine-gunners came by and blasted the plac
> e with bullets, leaving Uncle Gus, Joe's brother, laying dead on the
> pavement,  a cousin, Mary Mercurio in critical condition with 9 bullet
> wounds and another woman, Ms. Linder, just being grazed by a single shot.
> Now, family deny that the brothers had anything to do with the Mafioso in
> town, but when the brothers had an arrest record that contained over 19
> arrests, one has to wonder......
> Newspaper Archive has a deal for $20.00 for a short period of time....if 
> you
> have time to get this and need to find information in news articles like I
> did, it is well worth the money.  I have uncovered an article about 
> cousin
> Tony who died in San Antonio, Texas in 1947.  He never turned up in the ss
> death index because of the early death date.  I have photos of Tony'w wife
> from the front page of the San Antonio paper.  I have uncovered the
> information on the social page about cousin Josephine who had a second
> marriage in some East Podunk town in Iowa through a civil service, and her
> sister and brother-in-law from Rock Island, Illinois showed up to witness
> the event.  I found another article about cousin Frank who owned a tavern 
> in
> St. Louis, robbed by a guy with a peg leg, and how Frank chased the guy 
> down
> the street while standing on the running board of a passing truck and
> finally recovering the $14 from the gimp, and turning him over to the 
> cops.
> i found information about a "m
> ystery wife" of cousin Bartlo, who had some years in Jefferson City State
> Pen.  Her brother passed away, and his obit gave me so much information on
> her and her family.  I found an article in the Edwardsville paper about a
> Giardano cousin, who was a granddaughter of uncle Pete.  I never knew she
> existed, but the article told how she was going to his home in St. Louis 
> to
> visit him for a week.
> I got all of this information in 24 hours.  Amazing.
> So, here is something to add to your to-do list.  If you are stuck in a 
> rut,
> check our Newspaper Archive and spend a few bucks for a short period of
> time.  If your family is like mine, they turned up in the most unexpected
> places and probably made the papers over and over again.
> Read the message from Terry about having "faith" in your research....then
> move ahead in this direction.
> Sharon Reif
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