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Hi Charlie,
The Hotel Il Gabbiano is a nice hotel, near the train station and offers many services. If Francesco Di Stefano is still there he speaks some English and is very helpful. They have a great web site. You may want to explore all the links on their home page: Termini story, special discounts, and you can see exactly what the cost is for your reservation  as well as make your reservations online at no cost. Their e-mail address is:
hotelgabbiano at hotelgabbiano.it
I have attached my last emails with Francesco so you can see that he writes well in English and seems to be friendly and kind.
Good luck! Let us know if you have further questions.
Hotel Il Gabbiano
via Libertà, 221
90018 Termini Imerese - Palermo - ITALY
tel. +390918113262 (4 pbx) fax +390918114225
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         Hello Gloria, 
         many tanks for your mail !!! 
         In my Web site go to: http://www.hotelgabbiano.it/termini_eng.htm 
         for information of Termini Imerese.
         The Web site (Italian and English Versions) is to: www.hotelgabbiano.it  
         Best Regards and "Bacioni" from Francesco, 
         Francesco Di Stefano 
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Hi Francesco
Come stai?
Do you have a description of the city on your web site.  I cannot find it.  It was so good in 2002.


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Good Morning members of the Termini Imerese community. 
My name is Charlie Lamento (Lamantia) and I am the great grandson of 
Giueseppe Lamantia and Ignazia Besesi of Termini Imerese.  I am 
presently living in Prague and planning to visit Palermo and Termini for 
a few weeks beginning in the next few days.  Does any member know of 
anyone or anywhere I could stay in Sicily?  I am a single guy looking to 
stay in Sicily for a few weeks to improve my Italian language and locate 
relatives... Your help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless,


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