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 the orginial will would be found as filed in County A, as it had to be witnessed and certified in that county.  It may, however, have been copied to County B records, since the will had to be executed in that county, due to family situations that requested such, along with the death certificate.  If all this happened after a certain date (usually about 1910 or afterwards, depending on the state that the person lived in) there may be notations with the filing of the state death certificate in the state.  In short...look at both places.

I am in the process of getting probate records in St. Louis for those in my family with no wills, and I'll let you know if I find anything in those that may help you out.  I need to find out who obtained ownership of all those Saturday Night Specials and Tommy guns used by the family...I have found the family member who now owns Uncle Tony's (The Hand) three pistols used in some very questionable incidents....not telling any more information about that...the family businesses are all legit now, so I have been told.

Sharon Reif
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From: Terry Skibiski <tskibiski at yahoo.com>
> I have a question I'm sure somebody out there can answer.  If a man (in the 
> U.S.) lived and wrote his will in county A, but died in a hospital in county B, 
> where would the record of the will be found, in county A, where it was written, 
> or county B, where his death certificate is issued?
> Thanks,
> Terry
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