[TI] The Termini Imerese Certificate Database has been updated - July 27, 2008

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Mon Jul 28 01:30:26 EEST 2008


The Certificate Database has been updated today.

Please note:  The DATE format has been changed into Month Day Year with each being in a separate column.  This corrects the problems with the 1900 dates that were numberical instead of written out.  Now all three columns will only contain numbers.

There have been some problems over the last two days in the process of this updating as well as the website was moved to another server on the same hosting site which should increase the performance. 

With this new format, I will now be able to add new documents more frequently as soon as they become available to be added to the database.  I will now be able to change individuals entries for errors, misspellings, etc without going thru the whole process of reloading the whole database.  But I will only do this when I have several to change at one time.  

As always, you can always check http://www.termini-imerese.org/IndicesAvailable.htm to see what has been added to the database.

You will also notice, we are slowly closing the gap to getting all of the births, marriages and deaths transcribed. 

The following documents have been added to the database in this update:

Film #2014479
       Births 1897 - Docs #576 to end (end of Nov thru end of Dec) and 
Handwritten #1-#90
       Births 1898
       Births 1899
       Births 1900

Film #2014202
       Births 1871
       Births 1872
       Births 1873

Film #2014635
       Deaths 1871


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