[TI] New Cleveland Point Chapter

Tony Rini arini at core.com
Thu Jul 31 06:32:48 EEST 2008

Hello Cleveland area Termini members,
At a Villa Angela St Joseph Football Kick-off Banquet and Raffle last
Saturday, for my son's  VASJ Viking football team, I ran into a gentlemen
named Phil Rini.  Phil graduated from the original Cleveland St Joseph High
School in 1978 and I was a freshmen there in 1979.  For years I heard of
Phil because he was a very successful state-placing wrestler and football
player at St Joes.  Phil is also a well known stock broker in Cleveland at
Fifth Third Investments in downtown Cleveland, the same as my father who is
also a stock broker.  I was always asked teachers, coaches, and alumni if I
was related to Phil. I usually told them I probably was but did not know
how. We exchanged information last week at the event and in e-mails and as
it turns out, my grandfather and his great grandfather were brothers!! It
goes to show you that you never know where or when you will turn up a

As it turns out, Phil's friend, fellow stock broker, and fellow Sicilian,
Tom Cirincione, has started up a Cleveland Chapter of POINT (Pursuing Our
Italian Names Together).  Tom and I have been exchanging e-mails about
Sicily, family trees, and the new Point chapter.  The Cleveland Chapter of
Point has 25 members and is welcoming more.  I offered to post invite the
Cleveland area members of our Termini Imerese group to the next meeting. Tom
was excited to get the word out to our group and would love to have
Cleveland area Termini Imerese members join POINT.

So everyone is invited to join POINT and to attend the next meeting.  The
next meeting is Saturday August 23rd at Fairview Park library from
10AM-12PM. The genealogy librarian will give us an overview of the genealogy
collection there after we conclude our agenda. As Tom explained, obviously
the group is all about sharing ideas. He is excited to have members of the
Termini Group because he thinks that some of the things you have done are
tremendous and the Cleveland Point group would love to hear what you have
done for your trees and families.  Going forward, the group will meet every
other month at various locations in the Cleveland area.  If you would like
to join or if there are any questions about POINT or the meetings, please
contact Tom Cirincione at tomcir at yahoo.com.
All the best. - Tony Rini

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