[TI] Giovanni Spicuzza

Sheryl Hartnett grammylady3 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 08:22:57 CST 2008


You have Maria Giuseppa Balsamo married to Giovanni
Spicuzza.  Do you have any more info on him?  What are
his parents and siblings' names and dates.

My Gr Grandmother was  Antonina Spicuzza b. 1845.  Her
parents were Ignazio Spicuzza b. abt 1802 (Parents:
Giuseppe Spicuzza and Margarita Barone) and Gaetana
Purpura b. abt 1803 (Parents:  Simone Purpura and
Michela Parrino).

Does anyone have these people in their tree??

Sheryl  :)

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