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A cousin to my grandparents, Salvatore Battaglia and Vincenza Pace Battaglia
lived in Baltimore.

His name was Mariano Satariano, Born in Termini in 1886, died Baltimore in 1948.
Wife was Grazia Ciofalo, also born in Termini. (1881- ca. 1965). They were married in Termini in 1910 and first came over to Chicago in 1910.

They had a daughter Vera Onorato ( born Elvira Satariano, wife of Thomas Onorato) with whom I corresponded in the 1970's. Vera was born in Chicago in 1911 and died in Baltimore in 1998. The last address I had for her was 3428 Woodstock, Ave. in Baltimore.

I've found these Satariano relatives in both the 1920 and 1930 censuses.  They lived at times on Aisquith St. and S. Decker St.

The only other information I know about this Mariano Satariano is that he had a younger brother, Onofrio Satariano(b.1890) (married to Vincenza Calderone) who lived in Toronto, Canada. I see from the border crossing records in Ancestry.com that they had a daughter, Agostina Satariano, born about 1921. Also, the record lists his brother-in-law, Frank Calderone, of Toronto.

If anyone on the list is familiar with there relatives, please drop me a line.

Dom Guagenti
Virginia Beach, VA
---- GSAUNC at aol.com wrote: 
> J-
> My grandfather, John Bisesi (Bisese), was
> born at 402 South  Sharp St on January 17, 1894.
> I understand the row house he was born in was
> torn down to make way for the Camden Yard 
> baseball stadium.  Since he was a great baseball fan
> in his later years this seems fitting.  I was able to
> obtain  his birth certificate.  I will ask the two
> Churches you noted, St Leo  and St. Vincent de Paul 
> if they have a baptism record.
> Great information.  Thanks..Mark

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