[TI] "certificato di poverta"

Betsy Fusco bfusco at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 7 17:36:44 EET 2009

This is from a 2004 
http://italiangenealogy.tardio.com/Forums/viewtopic/p=10690.html  discussion 
.  I hope it helps--I cannot verify the info.

The certificato di povertà was used extesively to allow exemption from the 
various charges the state put on the individual who was not in a financial 
position to pay.

It was not a ticket to state handouts.

I think it does still exist, and is used if you need to defend yourself in 
court and do not have the financial means to pay for a lawyer.

Remember when searching the web that although Italians know that à can also 
be written as a', not all internet search engines do. If you don't have an 
Italian keyboard, accented characters can still be entered; use the 
character map applet or search the web for the various other methods. The 
other thing to do is use an Italian search engine, so www.google.it instead 
of www.google.com

Betsy Fusco 

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