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Sorry to hear that hp doesn't make cameras any more.  I have an hp 8.0 
megapixel R847 that I got last year from QVC that is great.  It fits in my 
purse, about the size of a billfold.  It has rechargable batteries.

My husband has been diagnosed with lung cancer, it has metastisized to his 
bones.  I am pulling out all the stops to ask for prayers for him.
Online research says his chances are dismal.
Thanks everybody.

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>I had to get a new digital camera.  My old was knocked to the floor last 
>Saturday night when a child ran into Ray while he was taking some pictures. 
>I have always used HP digital cameras in the past but HP no longer makes 
>digital cameras so I bought a Kodak Easy Share.
> The disks from my HP will work in the new camera but the batteries and 
> battery charger won't.  They were used in an HP R817 Photosmart camera.
> HP  Photosmart Li-ion Battery Quick Charger
> 2 - HP Photosmart R07 Li ion Chargeable batteries
> If anyone can use these, please let me know.  I will be glad to send them 
> to you.   Contact me offlist at Laura at termini-imerese.org with your 
> address
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