[TI] A new leaf on TI family trees

Lucia Flevares luciaflevares at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 14 03:13:06 EET 2009

Dear TI listers,
Today on St. Lucia Day, I am reflecting on my name with new meaning this year. 

I haven't been as frequent a contributor to this list as I would have liked over the years I've been a member, but I have seen so much family news over the years, both happy and sad, and wanted to share my happy news and tell you about the role the list played in that news.
My husband and I welcomed our first child, a daughter, this past June 17. She is a new leaf on Rini, Sarraino, and other trees, and thanks to Laura's creation of this list and the research of my cousins found through it (who I'd like to thank by name but am afraid I'd forget someone), we will be able to show our daughter how far back her first name goes in our family (which I outlined below -- I had previously only known as far back as my own great-grandmother).  For my daughter we decided on Luciana, rather than Lucia, as she has great-grandmother Annas on both sides. I hope that she will love, as I do, how her name connects her to so many generations that came before her.
With gratitude,
Lucia Flevares Kieser
Luciana Eleanora Kieser
is the daughter of
Lucia Flevares Kieser (and Edward Kieser)
who is the daughter of
Lucia Rini Sarraino Flevares (and Constantine Flevares)
who is the daughter of
Lucia (Lucille) Rini Sarraino (and Michele Sarraino)
who was the daughter of
Lucia Rini (and Ignazio Rini)
who was the daughter of
(Maria Sansone Chiarano and) Giovanni Battista Rini
who was the son of
Lucia Adrizzone Caito (and Matteo Rini)
who was the daughter of
Lucia Mazziotta  (and Giovanni-Battista Ardizzone Caito)
(who was the daughter of Antonina di Blasi & Ignazio di Blasi)
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