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A warm welcome for Tata from Italy
December 17th, 2009 under Auto News. 0 Comments
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Italy's call for saving the downfall of Fiat is flashed in the Indian auto 
industry and the targeted are Tata Motors and M&M. the call came from the 
Italy's Economic Development Minister who was here to promote the business 
deals at $8billion. The Italy car unit in the Sicilian island may be taken 
over by the Italy government and will be handed over to any Indian auto 
maker who comes for the rescue.
However no official comment could be got from either of the companies. The 
Minister too did not speculate nor confirm any such move but invited the 
Indian investors. The Italy unit of Fiat at Termini(the smallest of the 5 
units) has the capacity of 400 cars a day. This is also the costliest plant 
because of the cost involved in shipping the parts to the island. The 
manpower is 3500 with the component unit to have 3000 more.
Fiat is in the mood of closing down the units after 2011 since the sale has 
fallen down. The government in Italy is not for this fearing protests from 
the people. Tata-Fiat is a combined network for Italian made cars in select 
cities of India. This is the reason to target Tata. 

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