[TI] Nicholaus Fragola & Maria Provvidenza Tedesco

Larie Tedesco ltedesco26 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 21 02:38:16 EET 2009

In the familysearch pilot site I found one of the children of Francesco Carmelo Tedesco and Provvidenza Palmisano....Francesco being the son of Vincenzo Tedesco and Maria Catanzaro.

I found the birth of the daughter of Maria Provvidenza Tedesco and Nicolo Fragola in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates 1878-1922
Name                             Anna Fragola
Birth date                       May 4, 1904
Birthplace                      Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Gender                          Female
Race                             White      
Father's name                Nicolaus Fragola
Father's birthplace           Termini Imenese, Italy
Father's age                   36 Y
Mother's name               Maria Providenza Todssca
Mother's birthplace         Termini Imenese, Italy
Mother's age                  32Y
Film Number                  1288068
Digital GS number           4262937
Image number                769
Reference number          5256  

There is also another birth but shows father as Giuseppe

Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates 1878-1922
Name                             Grazia Fragola
Birth date                        October 11, 1906
Birthplace                        Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Gender                           Female
Father's name                 Giuseppe Fragola
Father's birthplace           Palermo
Father's age                    37 Y
Mother's name                Provvodemzo Cedesco
Mother's birthplace          Palermo
Mother's age                   36 Y
Additional relatives          X
Film number                   1288120
Digital GS numer             4271708
Image number                  920
Reference number            4987

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