[TI] Florence/Firenze Province, Jan-Feb 2010 Comunes of Italy Magazine

Grace Olivo graceolivo at comcast.net
Wed Dec 23 20:19:21 EET 2009

The January-February 2010 issue of the Comunes of Italy Magazine was mailed
this week to all subscribers. This issue features Florence/Firenze Province
in Tuscany. It also has a host of
great articles sure to be of interest to all [index below].  

Anyone interested in more information about the magazine, which is dedicated
to Italian genealogy, is invited to visit our webpage at
http://www.ItalianAncestry.com/coi or drop me an e-mail at
GraceOlivo at Comcast.Net or ComunesofItaly at Comcast.Net for more information.

Here's a sneak peek at the index:

...2009 Index

...Lignaggio: Italian Superstitions for Capodanno, by Jenny Floro Khalaf

...Book Review: The Journey of the Italians in America by Vincenza Scarpaci

...Peppino: Chapter 5, by Curt Meine

...Florence Province: history, cities & postal codes, Archivio di Stato,
Tourist Office, Scoppio del Carro, Life in Florence Circa 1300

...Positano, Amalfi Coast

...The Excitement of Senior Travel by John Castagna

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