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Thanks Laura,

I'll check these documents.  I can't tell you how much I wish you had
the Palermo documents indexed.  Researching the films is very slow
(compared to searching the TI index).  So thank you for making the TI
documents so convenient.


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I see 4 possible scenarios or combination of them could be possible:

1.  There was a child born BEFORE the marriage in 1844.  There are  many
documents in 1842 that were not filmed by the LDS when the filming was
2.  There are large enough gaps between the first 3 children that there
is a good possibility of a child being born between each of them and
that the document was not recorded or missed in the filming 3.  I would
check the Palermo births for the years of 1845 thru 1849 to see if you
can find daughters with those names.
4.  IF someone very important to the family died recently, the first
daughter could have been named after that person

Thomas Corso, PhD wrote:
> I have another naming question for the T.I. group.  (And have more 
> names for Larie to check out)
> For the family I am currently mapping out, the male children seem to 
> follow the naming patterns and are named after the grandfather's 
> first, however the females appear to be named after the 
> great-grandmothers prior to using the names of the grandmothers.  Do 
> you accept this assumption?
> I'm now mapping the children of my 2nd great grandfather's brother and
> sister-in-law:
> Michele Corso (b1823, Termini, d.c1905 Louisville,KY) and Caterina 
> Tedesco (b.1825, Termini) Michele's parents were Antonino Corso and 
> Emmanuela Zarcone Caterina's parents were Giovan Batista Tedesco and 
> Cosima [Lo]Shiavo Their children (in order as I currently know them);
> * note the double wedding
> 1. Antonino Corso (b1844 Termini, 29 Jul 1869 married in Palermo to 
> Rosalia Modica)* 2. Giovanni Batista Corso (b1847 Termini, 1872 
> married in Palermo to Concerta Ilari) 3. Maria Grazia Corso (b1850 
> Palermo, 29 Jul 1869 married in Palermo to Giuseppe Modica)* 4. 
> Francesco Corso (b1852 Palermo, d1854 Palermo) 5. Francesco Corso 
> (b1855 Palermo, d1856 Palermo) 6. Maria Assunta Corso (b 1857, 1875 
> married in Palermo to Gaspare Ilari, d1924 in Louisville, KY) 7. 
> Emmanuela Corso (b1859 Palermo, d1860 Palermo) 8. Emmanuela Corso 
> (b1861 Palermo, d1862 Palermo) 9. Nuzio Corso (b1863 Palermo, 1885 
> married in Palermo to Domenica
> Semenza)
> 10. Emmanuela Corso (b1865 Palermo)
> 11. Cosima Corso (b1867 Palermo)
> 12. Francesco Corso (b1870 Palermo, married to Julia Traino, d1941 in
> Louisville)
> Antonino is the name of the paternal grandfather Giovan Batista is the

> name of the maternal grandfather Maria Grazia is the name of the 
> maternal grandfather's mother Francesco is the same as the Father's 
> brother Maria is the name of the paternal grandmother's mother (I 
> don't know if Assunta was also part of her name) Emmanuela was the 
> name of the paternal grandmother Nuzio - I don't know where this name 
> comes from Cosima is the name of the maternal grandmother
> What do you think?  Do you buy my logic on this one?
> Tom
> As an afterthought, I have heard that Sicilian men were supposed to 
> keep their wives barefoot and pregnant.
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