[TI] Cimino, Talamo and the Positano link

Connie Sancetta csancetta at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 26 14:41:17 EEST 2009

I've just made an intriguing discovery and wanted to share it with everyone.

My ancestor, Salvatore Romano, came to Termini from Positano around 1816, and from browsing the database I've discovered that several other families did too, including the Cimino, Talamo, and Empoli. These families also show a tendency to marry among each other. Here's a background story on that:

Our family story is that Salvatore was a passionate nationalist and a strong supporter of Napoleon (who had claimed he would make Italy a united republic). When Napoleon was defeated (1814) and the Bourbon kings returned to power in Naples, Salvatore realized he would be arrested and possibly executed as a traitor. So he took his wife and children, armed his ship (he was a cloth merchant) and escaped to Termini, which he knew from having traded there.

It seems very likely that these other families had similar stories. Perhaps they all escaped together! Or at least helped each other. I notice that in 1839 a baby boy was christened Luiggi NAPOLEONE Giuseppe Cimino.


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