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Welcome to the group.  I just wanted to re-assure you that you are not the only non-Italian researching his wife's family.  I have been doing that for several years now, and the T-I gang is more than helpful in providing all sorts of information and support.  They're also a nice bunch to visit with, and if you have the chance to attend one of the reunions, by all means do it.  You'll be glad you did.

On another note, my daughter went to France this summer with her high school French club, and after they were done with their two weeks in France, she and another student went off on their own to Italy, where they visited with family outside of Rome.  They couldn't speak Italian, and most of the family couldn't speak English, but they discovered that just about everybody spoke French.  So that's how they communicated for the two days they were there, and Lauren said she spoke more French in the two days she was in Italy than she did in the two weeks she was in France.  You just never know about those languages!


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> Hello.
> My wife and I are new to this website and would like to
> introduce ourselves.  My wife (Diane Dore' French) is
> the grand-daughter of Mary Busalacchi, who was married to
> Vincenzo DiFiore (from Villa
> Grazia).   Mary's parents were Agostino
> Busalacchi (1854-1933) and Maria Bova (1864-1919) from
> Termini Imerese.
> From Diane's fathers side her grandparents come from
> Bessude, Sassari Sardegna and Varese Ligure, Genoa.
> My name is Michael French and in our family I am the
> unofficial Adopted Italian.  I just began researching
> Diane's Italian bloodline in February, where my first
> contact was with Sharon Reif.  Sharon has been
> remarkable in providing information and guidance and through
> that we have been able to make many more family
> connections.
> We are both thrilled to belong to this community and look
> forward to all the discoveries to come.
> Michael and Diane French
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