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Tom -

I'm envious of your Italian language group.  I took Italian at the college where I teach a couple years ago. I learned enough to be able to get by when I visited Italy and SIcily 2 summers ago but like anything, if you don't use it, you lose it.  I would love to have a group of people to practice with. . .

My son was recently married and I was very proud of myself because I did a little speech for the newly weds in Italian.  Of course, no one there knew Italian so if I messed up, they would never know.  (I translated for the benefit of all who were there).

We will have to meet sometime.  I drive through Erie all the time on my way from Buffalo, NY to outside Cleveland, Ohio, where my family lives.  In fact I'm in Lorain right now visiting with my family.


Ann Catalano
North Tonwanda, NY

---- "Thomas Corso wrote: 
> I have just joined an Italian language group here in Erie, PA.  It is
> really cool, a mix of native speakers and "wanabees" like myself get
> together every week for an hour to drink coffee, have a sandwich and
> speak Italian.  I am now up to about a 12 word vocabulary and working
> hard to improve that. (Although I am now starting to get pretty good at
> translating the TI documents).  My wife (who actually speaks fluent
> French) just bought me an 8 disk/16 lesson set by Pimsler (sp?), on sale
> for $10 at Boarders (list on the box was $50).  Its pretty good (I'm up
> to lesson 4 and can now introduce myself to a young Signorina at the
> airport :)).  Does anyone have experience with others?  I want a set
> that can be listened to in the car.  That's the only time I am likely to
> actually use the disks.  I have tried other "immersion" methods in the
> past such as Berliz back in the 80's and they didn't really work for me.
> I need a set that has English "coaching" within the lessons.
> Tom 
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