Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Tue Jul 6 03:25:12 EEST 2010

Several of you did submit your information and it has been included in 
the update this weekend.  There are  about 80 entries in the database 
that now contain information regarding where the person died or married 
outside of Termini.  Thanks to those who submitted their information.

To submit your information, please follow these instructions carefully.

1.  These additions can only be for entries that are already found in 
the CERTIFICATE DATABASE.  If the person is NOT in the certificate 
database, then you can add the information to the PERSONAL DATABASE.
2.  NO LIVING PERSON'S information can be allowed for privacy reasons.  
Although it is not likely that this will happen often, there is still 
the possibility that someone born between 1900 and 1910 could still be 
3.  Entries can ONLY be SUBMITTED through the following email address:
                       datasubmission at termini-imerese.org
4.  Be as explicit as possible by giving me as much information as 
possible to identify the person in the certificate database that I will 
be adding the note - Name, date of birth, film #, document #, parents 
names. 5.  If the info is for a Death - tell me the date of death, place 
of death, add info regarding spouse (name, date of marriage and place of 
marriage).  If their marriage is in the database, please tell me the 
marriage film number and document number as well and I can attach the 
death information to it as well so that it will be available whether you 
see the birth or marriage record.
6.  If the info is for a marriage - tell me the name of the spouse, date 
of the marriage, place of marriage and names of parents of both bride 
and groom
7.  Data submitted will be added to the database in the order is is 
received.  I will try to get as many added as possible as quickly as 
possible between each update to the database. 
8.  I will send you a confirmation email to let you know that I have 
entered your data into the next update so that you will be able to look 
for it in the next update when it goes online.
9.  You can submit your data via email in a variety of formats:  just in 
an email, or by using Word, Works, Excel, OpenOffice or PDF files.  If 
you don't see a format here that you use, then email me at 
datasubmission at termini-imerese.org and ask me if I can accept your format.
10.  When the data goes into the database, it will be identified as 
All submitter notes will be prefaced by the an identifier "SubNote" and 
be place in the square brackets [ ] which indicates that this 
information cannot be found on the actual document.
           For example.  Using my great-grandparent's data, I would add 
the following:
           To his birth record in 1863:
           [SubNote:  Death Feb 26, 1937, Staunton, IL.  Spouse Maria 
           To her birth record in 1874:
           [SubNote:  Death Nov. 5, 1950, Staunton, IL  Spouse Saverio 
           To their marriage record:
           [SubNote:  Saverio:  Death Feb 26, 1937, Staunton, IL; 
Maria:  Death Nov. 5, 1950, Staunton, IL]

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