[TI] Doc Numbers in the Database and Citation

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Thu Jul 8 01:08:50 EEST 2010

DocNumbers are the actual document number listed on the document 
itself.  This is NOT an arbitrary number that we have assigned to the 
document.  The Digital Image number in the database is the number of the 
digital image for that document.  This is number given by the computer 
when the images were unloaded from the camera.  It is only for reference 
to ease in the facilitation of finding the images easily.

As to citing the source.  You would site it just as you would for  any 
other LDS document that you find using the  Mill's models and in the 
description you add the information regarding where the transcription 
appeared in the Termini Imerese Certificate Database online at 

Carol Anne wrote:
> Are the "DocNumbers" listed in the database item numbers from the FHL
> films, or are they just numbers used by Laura and the other
> transcribers to catalog the documents?
> I'm puzzling over how a should cite the printed copies I received from
> Laura. These seem to be printouts of digital images of individual
> documents on FHL microfilms. I don't know whether I should cite them
> as I normally do a film I view at my local Family History Library or
> just add a note to my database citation to the effect that I received
> the copies. I don't have any problems with citing the database itself,
> using Mill's models.
> Carol Anne
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