[TI] Who were the parents of Leonardo PALMISANO (father of Francesca Paola)?

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Tue Jul 13 06:04:16 EEST 2010

Carol Anne

Leonardo Palmisano's parents may have been Domenico Palmisano and 
Vincenza Russo BUT these are NOT the parents of your

You really need to look into the allegati records for the marriage of 
some of Francesco Palmisano and Francesca Paola Palmisano's children.  
It will give you a great deal more information.

For example it will give you  the following which will be very helpful:
1.  Francesco's parents names and his grandfather's name from his 
father's death record.
2.  Francesca Paola's death record - After finding the death record in 
the allegati, I was able to find the entry in the database but 
incorrectly transcribed as Francesco Paolo spouse of Francesca Paola (It 
is easy to see how that mistake was made based on the clarity of the 
actual document).  Also it states Francesca Paola's father's name is 
LORENZO, not Leonardo and her mother is GIUSEPPA MARIA not Anna Maria.  
The change on this document will appear in the next update.
3.  AFTER learning the names of parents, you will see that there is 
another entry for the death of Leonardo Palmisano that should make more 
sense to you

Carol Anne wrote:
> Hello All,
> I get the idea from searching the database that Leonardo Palmisano's
> parents were Domenico Palmisano and Vincenza Russo, But if Vincenza
> Russo was the one who was the daughter of Vincenzo Russo and Domenica
> Piazza, then her age was either way off on her death record, or
> Leonardo's age was way off on his death record, or a combination of
> the two, which is quite possible, of course. But I'd like to be sure I
> have the correct parents for Leonardo's mother.
> Laura said that Leonardo Palmisano's name sometimes appears as Lorenzo
> in the records. Was this an error, or is there another reason?
> Thanks!
> Carol Anne
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