[TI] Italians: We ARE the best singers! Madeleine & Ken

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Thu Jul 15 21:45:24 EEST 2010

It was fantastic. It lifted my spirits this morning. Thanks Madeleine and Ken. 
Nice to know such nice folks. :)

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My friend Madeleine forwarded this 3-minute clip from Italian TV to me but it is 
way too good to only share between her and I:
This clip shows an Italian television program broadcasting a national Italian 
talent show. In this round there are three Italian young men participating: two 
14 year olds and one 15 year old who absolutely demonstrate that Almighty God 
smiled upon our race when it came to handing out singing talent. The three young 
men take turns at "O Sole Mio". All three are very talented and if this doesn't 
start your day off good I don't know what will! 

Ken Geraci

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Subject: FW: Unbelievable! Three Young Italian Tenors  cds


Wow!!! And what did our kids do by the age of 15???

Amazing 14 & 15 years old    The old tenors had better watch out!!!

    They're only kids!




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