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Not to worry Ken more people love this stuff then you know.  It stirs the 
heart strings.
My mother (nee Arcara/Tripi) still loves hearing this and continues to 
listen to the classics on her HiFi and watching Italian TV via RAI 
television here in Toronto.
As do I.
It's been three years since I've been in Termini and I miss it more every 
day (as do my kids).
In closing - A great song, some amazing voices - VIVA ITALIA!!! (too bad 
about the World Cup you can't win them all!)
Cosimina (nee Gatto)

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I am glad that some of you liked this example of Italian kids singing 
classic Italian songs. Frankly, I was getting a little surprised that hardly 
anyone else on this list had responded to this posting because Italian 
singing was always considered a VERY BIG DEAL in my family. My grandfather 
and all of his sisters used to always listen to this sort of music. My 
great-aunt Caterina (Geraci) LaCavera, my grandfather's sister, used to know 
the words to tons of operas (she was the great grandmother of Ed Cerami who 
recently joined this list) and likewise with her sisters who always had 
Enrico Caruso or Beniamino Gigli on their 78 rpm Victrolas and later Mario 

I was beginning to wonder if this love of Italian singing was only limited 
to us Italians who settled in the big Eastern cities like Washington, DC or 
New York. We still had access to real Italian opera singers who came over 
and performed on a fairly regular basis in Washington DC and New York. Did 
these people ever make it to the midwest?

How about you guys who grew up in Cleveland or Chicago or other midwestern 
places or in more remote eastern places like rural Pennsylvania. Did you 
guys grow up with this sort of music?

Ken Geraci

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It was fantastic. It lifted my spirits this morning. Thanks Madeleine and 
Nice to know such nice folks. :)

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My friend Madeleine forwarded this 3-minute clip from Italian TV to me but 
it is
way too good to only share between her and I:


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