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Hi List,  I was born in Parker, PA in 1941 and was raised by my 
grandparents for the first 3 years of my life,  my earliest recollection 
of music was my grandmother winding up her megaphone style victola and 
putting on one on the many hundreds of 78 rpm records and from that 
experience I still have a love of classical music and of course the 
majority of those records were of Italian music.  Parker, PA is 65 miles 
north of Pittsburgh, PA.  Now I live in Pahrump, NV, 65 miles west of 
Las Vegas and my k9's I have found thru the years also love classical 
music although they are not that big on opera.  I have a pure bred 4 
year old wolf who is disabled and lives in the house along with a jack 
russell and yorkshire terrier and an aussie shepherd-border collie mix 
and they all prefer classical music to anything else.  We listen to 
classical music mostly interspersed with native american music and their 
response to these types of music amazes the many folks who visit here.  
It is very relaxing and soothes the soul so to speak, not only of humans 
but k9's as well.\\Thanks again for the link to those truly gifted and 
amazing young men.

Dave Corso

"You are transparent, I see many things. I see plans within plans."  From Dune Navigator !

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