[TI] Who were the parents of Leonardo PALMISANO (father of Francesca Paola)?

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Sun Jul 18 14:45:30 EEST 2010

I am sure you are confused.  The birth documents of 3 children of 
Francesca Paola state her mother is Anna Maria Sansone.  the death 
document states her mother is Giuseppa Maria Sansone.

NOW........remember this.......Death documents are only as reliable as 
the person who reported the death knew of the actual person, their age, 
parents, etc.  The ages can be off by many years, the person might never 
of knew who the parents were or made a mistake telling the names of the 
parents, spouse, etc, the clerk could have written down the wrong name, 
etc.  In the case of Francesca Paola's death in 1852, neither of the 
people who reported the birth were relatives that I can see.  Both were 
men with the surname of Corso.  They do not even give a last name for 
Giuseppa Maria.

The only thing I am telling you to consider is to obtain the allegati 
records for any of her children who married after 1852.  That was how I 
found the death document in the allegati records for one of those 
marriages which led me to finding that the document in the database for 
the death which should be for Francesca Paola, not Francesco Paolo. 

At this point, there are a couple of options listed below that you can 
consider. But I would advise that you do a whole lot more research to 
see if you can prove which is correct. 

1.  The death document is INCORRECT - therefore the original assumption 
of Lorenzo/Leonardo Palmisano and Anna Maria Sansone are correct and the 
people who reported the death did not know her exact parents who were 
not alive at the time of her death  or
2.  The death document is CORRECT - then the 3 birth documents which 
report Anna Maria Sansone in Palmisano as the mother of Francesca Paola 
are incorrect and should have reported her as the mother-in-law are 

If you want further help with this, please contact me offlist reegarding 
a research project.

Carol Anne wrote:
> Hello Laura,
> I am getting very confused!
> In your email to Frank about Francesca Paola Palmisano on Jun 24, you stated
> "Both her mother AND her mother-in-law are Anna Maria Sansone.
> Difference it that these women are married to different men
> Francesco's parents are Francesco Palmisano and Anna Maria Sansone
> Francesca Paola's parents are Leonardo Palmisano and Anna Maria
> Sansone (Sansone-Zodia)
> It is clearly stated on 3 of Francesco and Francesca Paola's birth
> documents that Anna Maria Sansone is the MOTHER  of Francesca Paola.
> One another of the children's births a sister of Anna Maria Sansone
> reported the birth"
> In this one to me you state:
> " 2.  Francesca Paola's death record - After finding the death record in the
>  allegati, I was able to find the entry in the database but incorrectly
>  transcribed as Francesco Paolo spouse of Francesca Paola (It is easy to see
>  how that mistake was made based on the clarity of the actual document).
>   Also it states Francesca Paola's father's name is LORENZO, not Leonardo and
>  her mother is GIUSEPPA MARIA not Anna Maria.  The change on this document
>  will appear in the next update."

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