[TI] Clarification on Death Record of Natala Inserra

Laura Johnson rngade57 at madisontelco.com
Tue Jul 20 02:04:45 EEST 2010

Thanks.  Still no entry that corresponds with this Natala Inserra in the 
TI Database.  No marriage for her nor baptismal document

Melanie D. Holtz CG wrote:
> Laura,
> Here are the details from the original death record.  This record was found on film #2,035,721 as record number 23 in 1855.
> Her death was reported to the Polizzi Generosa civil records office on 9 February 1855.  She had died on the previous day, 8 February 1855, at the age of 42 [born about 1813].  She was the widow of Francesco Catalano.  She was born in "Termini" and her parents were unknown. Where her parents resided was blank.
> Also, they don't appear to have married in Polizzi Generosa between 1820-1843 but there are some gaps in the microfilmed records.
> Sincerely,
> Melanie D. Holtz, CG(sm)
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>> Would you check the original document when you get a chance? I can't
>> find any marriage of a Francesco Catalano to a Natala Inserra. I even
>> tried Natale Inserra to a Francesca Catalano. If they were married
>> outside of Termini, they still would have needed to obtain the birth
>> record to report to the other Comune and it should have been notated in
>> the TI records 		 	   		  
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