[TI] Salt Lake City - Reunion

Paul J. Caito pjcaito at frontiernet.net
Sun Jul 25 01:23:09 EEST 2010

Assuming I can make it to the Reunion, I too would be interested in some of 
the films of Valledolmo - will all birth, marriage and death films be 
available, or just selected/requested films?


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> If you are attending the Reunion and will be needing films from towns 
> OTHER than Termini Imerese, please respond to this message as soon as 
> possible so that Kathy will see the name of the town and be able to make 
> sure that all of the films will be available.
> I have put in a request for:
> Cefalu'
> Alia
> Valledolmo
> Cardano al Campo
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