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I am transcribing the indexes of the civil records of Polizzi Generosa.  In 1864, a man born in Termini died in Polizzi (see film #2,013,436, record #14). It is likely his wife was born in Polizzi as Mazzola is a common surname there.
Giovanni Merletta
parents: Domenico and Agata Pesce
wife:  Maria Stella Mazzola
The TI database does not show this Giovanni but I believe it shows the death of his brother.  Note that the mother's name was given as Pepe, not Pesce in the TI database.
8 28 1835 
Name: Merletta, Salvadore
Parents: Merletta, Domenico (decd)  Pepe, Agata  
Wife: Deluca, Francesca Paola  
Notes: 57 years old 

I hope this helps someone!


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