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The translation of the mother's surname as PEPE on the Termini Imerese 
death document is transcribed correctly.  It is very distinctly a p, not 
an sc

When you send these to the list, could you please include all pertinent 
details such as the date and ages, etc so that the information can be 
added to the database?  If I had all the pertinent data, I could make a 
notation of this person on his brother's death document

Melanie D. Holtz CG wrote:
> I am transcribing the indexes of the civil records of Polizzi Generosa.  In 1864, a man born in Termini died in Polizzi (see film #2,013,436, record #14). It is likely his wife was born in Polizzi as Mazzola is a common surname there.
> Giovanni Merletta
> parents: Domenico and Agata Pesce
> wife:  Maria Stella Mazzola
> The TI database does not show this Giovanni but I believe it shows the death of his brother.  Note that the mother's name was given as Pepe, not Pesce in the TI database.
> 24 
> Morte 
> 8 28 1835 
> 1714033 
> 265 
> Name: Merletta, Salvadore
> Parents: Merletta, Domenico (decd)  Pepe, Agata  
> Wife: Deluca, Francesca Paola  
> Notes: 57 years old 
> I hope this helps someone!
> Sincerely,
> Melanie D. Holtz, CG(sm) 		 	   		  
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