[TI] KIWEE toolbar

Gloria Otto gotto at ameritech.net
Thu Mar 11 20:58:55 CST 2010

Hi, does anyone know a good source for removing the KIWEE toolbar?  I can't get rid of it by using the ADD REMOVE program in Control panel.  I think this toolbar has been slowing down my computer which has little memory and hard drive space. I don't know how it even got on my computer and I don't want to add a removal program to do it until I know it is safe to do so. I'm afraid I may be downloading another malicious program.
Thanks in advance for your help.Gloria Otto  


To uninstall the KIWEE Toolbar:
1. Download and install UNLOCKER
2. Locate the Kiwee Toolbar folder, usually C/:PROGRAM FILES/KIWEE TOOLBAR
3. Right Click on the Kiwee Toolbar folder, click UNLOCKER on the Menu.
4. Select DELETE. Follow any on-screen instructions.
(Note if it opens with a menu of Objects in it similar to the task menu select the kiwee.exe file a and hit the kill process button below)
5. Reboot if required and your Kiwee toolbar will be gone.
If download link about didn’t work go here!
I found this is The PCWORLD forums below but it didn't had to figure out the Kill Process thing myself !
This is what happens when you don't pay attention to what you are downloading LOL  Gloria 

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