[TI] VICENZA PROVINCE, Mar-Apr 2010 Comunes of Italy Magazine

Grace Olivo graceolivo at comcast.net
Sat Mar 27 15:34:57 CDT 2010

The March-April 2010 issue of the Comunes of Italy Magazine was mailed this
week to all subscribers. This issue features Vicenza Province in the Veneto
Region. It also has a host of great articles sure to be of interest to all
[index below]. 

Anyone interested in more information about the magazine, which is dedicated
to Italian genealogy, is invited to visit our webpage at
http://www.ItalianAncestry.com/coi or drop me an e-mail at
GraceOlivo at Comcast.Net or ComunesofItaly at Comcast.Net for more information.

Here's a sneak peek at the index:

...Celebrate an Italian Easter 
...Coloring Easter Eggs in Vicenza Province 
...Family Search Italian Record Translation 
...Hints for Preserving Family Collections 
...Lignaggio: Volterra, A Twilight Series City 
...New Surnames Submitted Since Last Issue 
...Olives & Figs or Avocados & Mangos? 
...Peppino, Chapter 6 
...Roggiano Gravina, Cosenza Province, Calabria 
...Social Security Timeline 
...Vicenza Province 

Grace Lancieri Olivo, 
GraceOlivo at Comcast.Net 
ComunesOfItaly at Comcast.Net
National Vice-President - OSIA CSJ
Chair, OSIA CSJ-New Jersey

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