[TI] Ciaccio/Bova-Conti

Kim Sansone kimsansone at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 1 01:30:27 EET 2011

Is anyone related to a a Filippo Ciaccio (aka Caccia) who was married to a Provvidenza Bova-Conti?  

They had a daughter Antonina born in the 1880's.  I am trying to get information on their daughter Antonina and her family.  I believe Antonina married my great grandfather's brother Domenico Corso and that they had at least two children named John and Josephine.   

I found them in the 1910 census records living at 1102 N Sixth Street St. Louis MO.  In 1912 Domenico was the informant on his brothers death certificate in Chicago and it said he was living at 1104 N Sixth St St. Louis MO.  In 1915 I found a ship record showing Antonina and the two children coming back from Italy to see their husband and father Domenico.  It listed his address as 1111 Foster Alley  St Louis MO.  After that I can't locate the family anywhere.   



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