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Bud Lang (a member of the Comunes of Italy Mailing list) has written a 
book. He has graciously offered to make a donation of a percentage of 
the sales cost to Comunes of Italy and the Termini Imerese websites. If 
you are interested in obtaining the book, the link for ordering it is on 
the webpage for the book. Please be sure to specify that you are a 
member of the COI or Termini Imerese list so that our websites will get 
the donation.


SICILY! Up Close! and Personal

Unlike the average travel book that covers places of interest in a 
particular country, this book is written for people, whom you might say, 
are “close to the land.” They want to know about the “people” who live 
in that land, the “people” who make it grow and thrive. The “people” 
that make you want to return time and again.

And, so it was, as the author traveled about Sicily, he was questioned 
time and again by local citizens who witnessed him taking pictures and 
recording information, as to who he was, and why he was photographing 
their land? Needless to say, they were proud to witness what was going 
on about them; someone wishing to tell others about their particular 
home town, places they are familiar with, and more.

Sicily is composed of nine (9) Provinces, which are equivalent to 
Counties or Parishes, and within each Province one will find many, many 
Comunes, or communities. You will find chapters on all of the Provinces 
and numerous Comunes within each featured in detail. Dozens of 
photographs illustrate many of the places, peoples and sites in each 
area, which will hopefully tell the story of everything there is to know 
about Sicily. Many are in beautiful color.

You’ll also find two chapters detailing many places of interest, places 
you will certainly want to visit, and a list of holidays of importance 
to the people in many of these comunes. Visit during these time periods, 
and you’ll certainly get to join in on the fun.

About the Author

The author, Bud Lang, is a typical American, in that he is a descendant 
of people from other lands. His father, for instance, arrived in America 
from Canada, and his mother is a first generation Sicilian American, 
born of parents who arrived in the U.S. with their families as teenagers 
from Sicily slightly more than 100 years ago.

He grew up in a Sicilian American household, and learned to enjoy all 
sorts of fine Italian food from the time he was a baby. In fact, when he 
was about five years old, he sampled some of his Nonno’s homemade wine, 
and got “smashed.”

Upon finishing high school in California, the author entered the U.S. 
Navy, where he spent the next nine years of his life as a photographer. 
He would travel all over America, Europe, Scandinavia and the Carribbean 
during the next 41 years as a professional photographer and journalist 
for major magazines. Upon “retiring”, he then returned to Sardegna, 
Italy and Sicily many more times, taking thousands of pictures, 
gathering a “ton” of information, all so he could produce this very 
exceptional book.

Contact Us

Should you wish to contact the author/publisher, you may do so by 
referring to this address:

Ital Press

Bud Lang 3923 Josh St., Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: (541) 683-6761

Email: budlang at comcast.net <mailto:budlang at comcast.net>

Web Site: www.sicilyupclose.info <http://www.sicilyupclose.info/>

How To Order Books

/Sicily! Up Close! / is a superb paperback book, ISBN # 51795

Cover Price is $17.95 per copy

Money Orders preferred, personal checks accepted.

Books are shipped in a padded envelope for added protection in the mail, 
at no extra charge.

Organizations or persons interested in ordering 10 or more copies at one 
time will be offered a very reasonable discount. Contact the publisher 
for the discount rate.

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