[TI] Corso - Chicago

Kim Sansone kimsansone at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 21 23:22:15 EET 2011

Is anyone related to the following Corso family who lived in the Chicago area?  

Augustino Corso married to Ignazia Corso (went by the name of Mary an Agnes). 


John married to Erna Gosch 
               their children:  Gusatve and John 

Francesca married Joseph Russo 
               their children:  Nicholas and Angeline


Rose married Peter Bedalow 
               their children:  Stephen, Delores and John 

Anna - never married 
Mary married James Tripi 

Augusta (Gussie) married Peter John Petkus 
               their children:  Richard 


Marie married Leonard DelVicario 

Josephine married Tony Alessi 


Kim Sansone 

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