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it might have been a distant cousin or Pietro might not have been 
related at all.  Pietro might have just been someone who helped 
sponsored people to come over

On 3/30/2011 9:18 PM, Nancy Yesu wrote:
> My great grandfather, Vincenzo LoBello Born 1864  in TI was married to Vincenza Zampardo (possibly Zambardo) in 1897.
> They had only 3 children,
> Giuseppe LoBello (my grandfather)
> Salvatore LoBello
> Frances LoBello
> He arrived on May 28 1902 on the ship "Palatia" sailing from Palermo.
> The ship manifest is difficult to read but I believe it says he was going to see
> Pietro LoBello
> 315 French st????
> Syracuse NY
> In the Alphabetical database page 18 at the bottom of page there is a Vincenzo Lobello being married to Fillippa Caruso. It says they had a son Michele LoBello.
> As far as I know we have no relation to anyone named Michele LoBello or Pietro LoBello.
> I am trying to figure out why my great grandfather would have said that he was going to see a Pietro LoBello in Syracuse or why when he arrived he didn't stay in Syracuse,NY. My  greatgrandfather settled in western Massachusetts.
> I'm trying to figure out who Pietro was and how my great grandfather knew him.
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