[TI] FTM Net book or Ipod Touch

Gloria Otto gotto at ameritech.net
Sun Sep 18 00:47:05 EEST 2011

Frank, there are different netbooks. I am wondering what you would recommend 
that can handle Legacy. What do you have? Does it have a cd drive or did you 
load legacy through the usb port from your computer? any help you can offer 
would be appreciated.

 I'll buy one tomorrow and learn how to use it. I just thought of something 
else, can you keep FTM on your computer and still load legacy onto it. Maybe 
that is a bad idea!!!

 I will be doing some research while I am in Pittsburgh area. and visiting my 
very old cousins. They are 20 years older than me even though we are 1st 

Thanks so much. It's wonderful to know someone so computer savy and so nice at 
the same time. May God bless you always.

Gloria, I put Legacy on my netbook and it runs fine.  Taking it with me next
week to TI.

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