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Glad you made it OK Laura. Trying to refresh my memory of the "essential words" in Italian. Hoping our flights go OK on Tuesday/Wednesday. See you then Sharon 

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We left from St Louis yesterday morning and flew to Newark first. 
Sometime between turning my phone off on the plane before take-off and 
getting to the other terminal in Newark, I lost my cell phone (thank 
goodness Ray has his). Called my son-in-law to cancel my phone 
immediately. Then we were sitting waiting for our flight to Milan and 
they announced that the flight was overbooked and they wanted volunteers 
to fly on a later flight which would reroute to Frankfurt first before 
going to Milan. Luckily, there were enough volunteers for the bumping 
that we were able to fly on schedule. 

Landing in Milan was great. Breezed through customs. Quickly found the 
car rental and started to head to Cardano al Campo (this is the town of 
my maternal great-grandfather). BUT we couldn't make my GPS work in the 
car. The battery was too low to get the satellites to come in so we 
made a u-turn and headed back to the car rental place but couldn't 
figure out how to get back there. So Ray parked by one of the arrival 
doors and I went in and walked and walked and walked and went downstairs 
to find Hertz again. So they said they would give us a different car 
and even brought the exchange right to where Ray had parked. The GPS 
worked just fine then and we were on our way. Took about 10 minutes to 
get to the hotel. 

Then we got checked in and I got the laptop connected and tried to 
check online to see if my phone had been found but so far nothing. I 
sent Ricci and Sandro an email to tell them that we had arrived and to 
confirm the time they were going to meet us and then we took a 3 hour 
nap and got showers. We walked downstairs a bit early so that we could 
look around and then waited for them to get here. They arrived and we 
sat and talked for a couple of hours and then went down to the pizzeria 
to get dinner. They left a few ago and we are going there too as well. 

Tomorrow I go to the Municipio to see Lorena who is the lady who has 
been helping with this side of the family. Hopefully she will have the 
documents already pulled that she was going to check into. Their 
records only start at 1860 and there are no microfilmed records. 

Talk to you more tomorrow. 

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