[TI] Petition for Naturalization Question

COI - Laura laura at comunesofitaly.org
Mon Nov 5 02:57:48 EET 2012

He lists Tarantum, PA for one of the births of his children.  Then 
Homestead, PA for the next two in 1902 and 1904.  Then 1907, 1908, 1911, 
1912 and 1913 births are listed in Brackenbridge, PA

On 11/4/2012 6:49 PM, Sharon R. Reif wrote:
> I did a quick residence search in  the directories.  I found an Antonino
> Messineo at 1949 s 13th St in Phil., PA in 1907 fruit dealer.  Is this
> the guy?  Sharon

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