[TI] Orphanage Santa Lucia & Santa Pietro

Ann Catalano anncat1029 at roadrunner.com
Fri Feb 8 22:49:39 EET 2013

I have been enjoying this discussion about the orphanage.  Got me digging
around some more in my records.

The michelin map is great.  One thing I noticed is that the Google Map of
Termini Imerese doesn't match the paper map that I have.  The streets don't
match up for some reason. It's very weird.  Has anyone else noticed this?

Ann Catalano

On 2/8/13 12:03 AM, "Laura Johnson" <rngade57 at madisontelco.com> wrote:

> thanks.  This looks exactly in the same area that Ray and I found the
> Chiesa S Maria della Carita.
> On 2/7/2013 9:33 PM, JAL wrote:
>> Via Orfanotrofio Femminili Termini
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