[TI] DNA for Genealogy - again

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Hi Ann - was wondering if you could help me find a lady that goes by the
name of Cookie - I am related to her and lost my contact information for
her.  Thanks!  Not sure if you know her but thought I would give it a try.

Mary Jo (Purpura/Bova) Klempa

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I sent this message using HTML so it probably didn't go through.   So here
it is again using plain text.

I know that in the past there have been some discussion on this list about
the different types of DNA tests that can be done for genealogy.  I am
contemplating doing this and am wondering if those of you have done this
might share your experiences.  Which test did you do?  What did you find
out?  Was it worth the expense?

Things have been pretty quiet on the TI list and thought maybe this might
stimulate some discussion again.

I was at a dinner party last night and met a woman whose grandfather was
from Termini Imerese. . . . Small world.  We seem to be everywhere!

Hope everyone is doing well.  I¹m looking forward to seeing at least some of
you in September at the reunion in St. Louis.

Ann Catalano
North Tonawanda, NY

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