[TI] DNA for Genealogy - again

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I have a large sharing list, over 400, at 23andMe. So, I can't remember if you and I are sharing or not.

If we're not sharing, please send me a sharing invitation. I'd like to take a look at your Ancestry Composition percentages. My account name at 23andMe is MMaddi.


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Carol Anne:

My main concern was not with cousins -- I have a gazillion of them here in the
U.S. on all sides of my family tree -- but rather the lineage and ethnicity
going back in history. Just like finding all the possible cousins, going back
is extremely difficult and time consuming. 

My wife and I lived in Italy from 2004 to 2009 and visited the village of my
father's  grandfather in Basilicata many times. That's where the name Larocca
(Larocco) comes from. Half the people in the village still have this surname,
the other half are Allegreti. Both families saw the majority of their
ancestors go to Chicago, and I ran into returnees from Chicago retiring in
this lovely village, Brindisi Montagna, each time I went there. 

The small r in my surname is correct, and signifies that my ancestors came
from Albania. I was able to track down lots of history regarding this, but
there was no way to take the history back to Albania to any location or what
the original family name was. 

On my mother's side, both of her grandparents came from Termini Imerese, one
named Amato and other named DiGiovanni. I have been able to trace the Amato
lineage back hundreds of years, the DiGiovannis back a good stretch as well.
We went to Termini four times during our years in Italy, and I was
particularly disappointed that we could never locate the houses where my
grandparents grew up. My last relative who had some insight on this died a few
weeks ago just short of his 101st birthday. 

After consulting with historians in Sicily and mainland Italy, there is a
strong belief that both family lines came from abroad at some point, possibly
Spain or North Africa. It was this ethnicity I was hoping a DNA test would
show, but it didn't. It simply doesn't get that specific. All it said, as I
noted in my earlier email, is that I am predominantly of Mediterranean
ancestry. I already knew that. 

There is a lot of speculation about the Amato name, including that it is an
Italianization of the common Arabic name Ahmed, or possibly a name adopted by
Spanish Jews fleeing the inquisition, to name a few. All seem plausible, but
confirming the real source back in history has proven elusive. 

If Ann is interested in finding cousins, I must note that I periodically get
emails regularly from 23andme giving me names of people whose DNA indicate
that we may be 2nd or 3rd cousins. As I said, I already can't keep up with all
the relatives I know. Since my grandfather Amato had so many siblings that
came to America, I just assume every time I see the name Amato that it is a
cousin, and I'm probably right!


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Ann Catalano,

I have Catalano ancestors who lived in Termini Imerese, Sicily.


Have you contacted all your DNA relatives and compared surnames, trees
and DNA segments? It's a lot of work!!! As far as the ethnicity
estimates go, I don't think they'll do anyone much good. I listened to
an online seminar recently where they were referred to as "parlor

I have the most Italian confirmed DNA matches at 23AndMe, but I have
some at Family Tree too. At either company you want the $99 Family
Finder or Relative Finder test, unless you're looking for the direct
male line Y-DNA test (I wouldn't use any company but Family Tree DNA
for that one!)

My big question right now is can 23AndMe stay is business now that the
FDA has forbidden them to sell test for health, which was the main
part of their business. Genealogy has always been just a sideline with
them, and surprisingly they recently announced that they intended to
keep it that way!

Carol Anne

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 4:47 PM, JAL <amborocco at usa.net> wrote:
> Ann:
> I was steered in the direction of 23andme which was highly touted. My wife
> gave me this for Christmas. It costs $99. To be honest, it didn't tell me
> anything beyond what I already know: I am of predominantly Mediterranean
> blood. Other than that, they give you a worthless number on how much
> Neanderthal you have in you, which for me was the overall average of around
> percent, as if I cared, and that my roots waaaayyyy back go to East Asia,
> many of Eureopean heritage do.
> I understand there are more precise DNA tests than this one, and if you are
> truly interested, I would check them out. I believe we are talking in the
> range of $400 for these tests.
> Jim Larocco
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> I sent this message using HTML so it probably didn't go through.   So here
> it is again using plain text.
> I know that in the past there have been some discussion on this list about
> the different types of DNA tests that can be done for genealogy.  I am
> contemplating doing this and am wondering if those of you have done this
> might share your experiences.  Which test did you do?  What did you find
> out?  Was it worth the expense?
> Things have been pretty quiet on the TI list and thought maybe this might
> stimulate some discussion again.
> I was at a dinner party last night and met a woman whose grandfather was
> from Termini Imerese. . . . Small world.  We seem to be everywhere!
> Hope everyone is doing well.  I¹m looking forward to seeing at least some
> you in September at the reunion in St. Louis.
> Ann Catalano
> North Tonawanda, NY
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